From A(to)Z

A reporter's notebook for my adventures in Phoenix, AZ.

The tree grew perfectly for the view.

A sky worth waking up early for …

RoRo sunset


To quote this (wonderful) submission from The Modern History:

“It’s hard not to love the March 26, 1971 cover of LIFE featuring Walter Cronkite. While I may be too young to remember Cronkite while he was still broadcasting, he remains one of the great broadcasters to grace American network news. The cover sums him up perfectly: a nice guy.”

See more covers from 1971 here.

Cool! :)

An ode to Billie Holiday on the wall of a Roosevelt Row record store.

The US-Mexico border fence that cuts Nogales in half.

I’d drive that.

Perhaps the prettiest sunrise I’ve seen here yet …


The people behind the Occupy Phoenix movement

Exceptional journalism from State Press …